10 images you thought were gone forever!


We’ve all been there. We post something on social media well within the rules, it’s doing phenomenally well… All the sudden, bam! the earth shakes from under you. Everything goes dark for a split second, followed by the dreaded message. you’ve single handily made the whole entire community unsafe with your post and so it was removed!

Below is my first post ever banned and deleted!



I think I CRIED that day, as I my face smashed into the glass ceiling of the gram!

How the hell was I to compete/contribute or create if I couldn’t even produce slightly less tamed content than the accounts CRUSHING IT with the EDGY onslaught of FIRE and BANGERS?

Below is the second post that got DELETED. They truly had me feeling like Wildly Coyete chasing the Roadrunner :(((


I am sorry but, I can’t see anything offensive here! It’s just NATURE.


The memories of these long forgotten gripes came back as I dug through my ACHIVES to write up this introductory post for the new PATREON project. I also noticed how bad censorship has damaged me over the year. It’s taken me a whole lot of encouragement from many of you to even get to this point. Social media did CONNECT us…Woohoo!!! It’s not all bad.

This is a CELEBRATION POST and so with great pleasure, below is a little preview mixer of images that have been deleted off my Instagram for being unsafe.


Please leave now if your feel threatened by the above image. 


Glad you stayed ✅ In the full INTRO MIXER, I am sharing more DELETED IMAGES, Also are bomb ass pics I NEVER POSTED because of the rules and finally just SINGLE IMAGES that aren’t part of a full set but damn they deserve some shine! 

Okay! okay! the rest of the INTRO MIXER is available for my PATREON contributors. Even ” IF YOU CAN’T RIGHT NOW,” I hope you enjoyed the preview images a little bit bigger and UNCENSORED! Make sure to STICK AROUND because there is plenty of NEW FREE CONTENT coming your way :) and tons of MORE VALUE for you all. Continue the viewing party by visiting my patreon. The link is right below! 



Thanks you so much for even sharing this moment with me. What are the odds even??!! I feel blessed for this opportunity to share some light with you!

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