Test with Shiya (Part 1)

Still working to get more consistent with posting and sharing some of my experiences behind the lens. I met Shiya recently in Downtown NYC by the South Street Sea Port. We hit up two spots before it started raining. Actually we hit up three. However, one of them was the rooftop of a luxury building and management kicked us out before we can let off a single shot. 

First Spot. When ever I shoot with agency models, I wonder to myself - "How can I make the shots look more expensive?" I have a few clues so far but not really a recipe. I try not to put a label on what I shoot, but I want to make the sessions as useful to all participants as possible.

What are some of the common traits this "expensive look" entails? Feel free to comment below if you have something to say or add!

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Model: Shiya Wright



Photography by Jose Miguel




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