Pin the censor on the Donkey. (I'm the donkey :(

A while back I had the esteem pleasure of being contacted by instagram. They informed me that this image was removed for being indecent and dangerous. This really blew mines. I want this image seen. It's not sexual at all in my eyes. I could be wrong. Where do I put the censor? or is it more sexual than a censored naked body? Is it more sexual than a girl kissing another girl's ass? Because, instagram is filled with those on accounts with massive exposure. Why pick on me? :/  This image is a marvel of perfection and great detail and color. I can't deal with the sculpted look this woman packs! She isn't even Russian. What ever it is, just enjoy it here in it's full glory!

Can anyone tell me how this is pornographic? Comment Below

Model: @missbosak

Photographed by Jose Miguel