Digi test with Raelia Lewis

I love helping people. Even when those people have some major experience under their belt compared to me (no pun intended.) I know there is something to add in each interaction and it's my pleasure to do so every time. Expression versus impression is one great tip that has helped so much. Keeping this in mind not only frees me up to do and say what I want without thinking too much about what others think, but it also naturally attracts like minded people who you can easily connect with. Just freely expressing yourself also insures you effortlessly and prevents you from falling into the trap of being try hard and "fake" just to win the favor of people, while lose yourself in the process.

Before I get too heavy, the purpose of this post is to showcase some of the shots I did with Raelia Lewis over at Style Engineers studio.

First shot of the day. Nailed it! we can go can go home now. 

First shot of the day. Nailed it! we can go can go home now. 



Raelia Lewis


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Jose Miguel


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Style Engineers Studio in Long Island City


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