Get out of my divine light!

Why are people always hogging up all the good light? The other day I was shooting with Nina Jade in Coney Island and it became very clear and even expected that in the spots where the light was just perfect for shooting, someone was going to photobomb. 

With other empty Benches, this dude decided to sit right where we were trying to shoot. His way of not interfering was to turn his head away. Like he had anything btter to do. At one point I decided to use him as a prop and this shot was born. I wish the others were on purpose too but mostly they were non intentional. 

This one was just too overbearing not too take. I was there just waiting for them to pass but had to act quickly before running the risk Nina of die dying from dehydration or even old age.


People are leaving as the sun going done. Yay or nah! It's the magic hour! Come on people. go home!

Nina saves the day.

Nina saves the day.

It has to be about related to angles and frequencies of light, my mind was blown. 

Are they going shopping? wtf


This one is out of order but I love the leading lines and it's a great image to end my lighthearted rant about the universe cock blocking my money shots by sending it's kamikaze life like drones to ruin my shots. Peace 

Riding Dirty

Riding Dirty

Till next time...

Photography by Jose Miguel

Instagram @imagefolio

Model Nina Jade

Instagram @modelninajade