I want to do Photography!

I want to do photography!

People from all walks of life want to take up photography for one reason or another. Regardless of skill level, talent or social economic status, most likely you can get your hands on a camera. Taking on photography seems like a fairly simple decisive action, but for some it's most likely where the simplicity is going to end.

The rabbit hole is infinite. I myself haven't but scratched the surface. Having dug to the point of no return, am finally pooling my bread crumbs into this database for whoever wants to join this wonderful lifelong adventure.


The way I will pass along my collected knowledge is mostly by linking you to the best resources I have found. By sharing my epiphanies, aha moments, picture sets and other progressively entertaining content, I hope to keep you coming back. Ultimately my goal is to inspire and enable you to do your own projects. This blog will also feature key people, who influence me or motivate me in some way. This includes all artists, not just photographers. Expect interviews, showcases or just about any type of creative energy in easy to digest portions. Imagefolio wants you to get inspired and get going.

Everything is related to life so expect the ride to be chaotic and random. It's up to you to make the connection and take what is useful for your own experience. Choose your own adventure!


Jose Miguel

What would you guys like to see or know about first. Comment below and let's get to it!